An open letter to all college students living on or near campus this fall

Dear Residential and Off-Campus Student,

It’s on you this fall. And the clock already has started.

You want to be away from home and living on or near campus, right?

You want to be surrounded by as many of your friends as possible, right?

You want to be taking classes on ground, right?

Well, then you’d better get your act together. Starting right now.

You can’t have it both ways for as long as coronavirus remains unchecked.

You’ve got to either scale back, way back in fact, your social activities and wear a mask and practice social distancing, or you can choose to screw up and soon head home.

If you select the former, then that means no parties and no large social gatherings. It also means constantly wearing a mask when you’re outside your dorm or apartment. It also means being vigilant about staying at least six feet from another person.

Yes, I know, none of that is easy.

If you select the latter, then that means being an absolute ignoramus about the dangers of coronavirus to you, your friends, your faculty and your family. Once there’s a sufficient number of ignoramuses around you, you and all of your living-on-campus fellow students will be sent home. And classes almost certainly will shift to online.

Don’t be an ignoramus.

Oh, you’ve got a couple of weeks maximum to make your decision.

There’s no reason to publicly announce your choice; we’ll all know what you decide.

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