The Big 10. What a bunch of losers.

The Big-10 Conference must be filled with a bunch of losers.

Forget for a minute they’ve got 14 teams. Can anyone count over there?

Now, can you believe they took a look at health and safety, and then decided those were more important than football! Because of some virus?

They said, wait, let me find it…here…”too much uncertainty regarding potential medical risks.”

Those guys are young. There’s no risk. Well, someone talked about my…Mayo…something, but that’s not really going to kill anyone. My friend told me. He found something on the Internet about it.

So no Big 10 football until maybe the spring of 2021.

Now, those wimps in the Pac-12 are probably going to do the same thing. I mean, the virus of no REAL college football could be spreading! If the other big conferences do the same, my Saturdays are screwed.

And all those guys who are going to make it in the NFL, like thousands of them, now they might not. That’s just not fair. They want to play. And, damn it, I want to watch them.

I’m an American. I HAVE RIGHTS.

When the Ivy League cancelled, hey, it’s the IVY League. That’s not real football. And all those smaller conferences that I know so much about but can’t name one team…come on, there are a lot of colleges playing football!…they’re also, you know, small potatoes.

None of those conferences really care about FOOTBALL!

The MAC? The Mountain West? Meh.

But the Big Freaking 10 now is not playing? This is some serious you-know-what, my friend.

Going to be a lot of mask wearers happy tonight. They’re destroying America, those mask wearers. Science? Data?

We don’t need that stuff. We need FOOTBALL.




Not safe to play football? Come on. Watch, now, they’re going to pressure the high schools to do the same thing.

Health and safety more important than football.

What a joke.

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