If you want high school sports this fall, then you pay for all the costs

A simple message to all those people — journalists, parents, alumni, players and more — demanding high school sports be played this fall.

You pay for all of it.

You pay the referees, many of whom are middle-aged or older and therefore at increased risk of suffering the worst from coronavirus.

You pay for the multiple deep cleanings of the facilities so that they are kept as germ-free as possible.

You pay for any modifications to the locker rooms so that safe social distancing is ensured.

You pay for any substitute teacher who must cover for any coach who contracted coronavirus and therefore cannot be in the classroom.

You pay any parent who must miss work so that he/she can care for their child.

You pay for any increased costs insurance companies might charge from sports taking place.

You pay the funeral costs for any player, coach or referee who dies from coronavirus.

All of you seem quite comfortable bashing local and state leaders using the most current medical information to decide how safe it is for the games to be played. So, if those leaders are moronic simpletons who are out of touch with your needs, then put your money where your mouth is.

Ball in your court.

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