Two apparently unacceptable voices walk away from mainstream media organizations; this is not something to celebrate

NOTE: This post has been updated

Bari Weiss was an editor at the New York Times. “Was” is the key word because she resigned a few days ago.

Andrew Sullivan was a writer at New York Magazine. “Was” is the key word because he resigned on Friday.

Both were notable non-liberal voices inside media agencies identified as liberal. Suffice to say, they believed they had become outcasts.

Neither decision should be celebrated.

Weiss and Sullivan will quickly find work elsewhere, should they choose to continue working in the news and information world. But that misses the point: Americans are slowly and steadily requiring something akin to purity tests for journalists. So, too, are too many media organizations.

Forget objectivity for now, but let’s acknowledge the national debate about its value is long overdue.

If you’ve witnessed the orgy of fascism on display at any President Trump rally, then you know of the openly hostile attacks on CNN’s Jim Acosta and other journalists whom the Dictat…, uh President identifies as “enemies of the people.”

The hard core conservatives will tolerate no commentary or idea that strays from the orthodoxy. Ditto, the hard left liberals will tolerate no commentary or idea that strays from the orthodoxy.

Perhaps they can be forgiven — they, as members of the public, are under no obligation to accept what they find deplorable.

However, no credible news or media organization deserves to be called credible if it sacrifices differing opinions for the sake of money. FOX News is the worst of the offenders, but it’s not alone in believing that operating an echo chamber is consistent with democracy.

Weiss and Sullivan aren’t the first to walk away. They won’t be the last.

And, no, conservative voices aren’t the only ones being muted.

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