Tearing down statues alone won’t get the job done

Throughout the United States and around the world, significant discussions continue to take place about statues erected many, many years ago to honor long-dead men now under intense scrutiny for how they lived their lives.

Here at home, there are a lot of people who want those statues to these slave-owning or misogynistic or racist men torn down.

I’m all for it.

But tearing down statues is a bit like cutting the top off a weed; if you don’t dig deeper and attack the root, then nothing of substance will change.

I’m much more interested in that.

Critics of Black Lives Matter abound; and if we are to be fully honest, a whole lot of that crowd is racist. Of course, they won’t admit it; that would be uncivilized. But those critics will lock onto any controversial element of BLM — factual or not — as they demean the effort’s overarching goal: destroying structural racism at the root.

Structural racism exists because Americans allow it to remain alive. We who want change don’t elect enough political change agents, demand education reform so that poorly financed public school systems get more money to spend per pupil, stop legislative efforts that throw more Blacks in jail and remain adamant that legitimate career-type jobs are created.

On this day of America’s independence, it is important to remember that real freedom for roughly 13% of the country’s population still hasn’t been earned.

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