Kansas State athletes promise boycott after student posts tweet congratulating “George Floyd on being drug free for an entire month”

The student’s name is Jaden McNeil, who identifies himself on Twitter as a Christian and a supporter of MAGA. Oh, he also says he’s part of a White supremacist group.

His tweet has set off a firestorm, with the K-State football team now joining other Wildcats’ teams in saying they’ll boycott all athletic requirements until McNeil faces strong consequences from the university.

According to the Kansas City Star,

A select group of student-athletes at Kansas State have begun circulating a letter on social media that states they will not play in games or participate in any donor or recruiting events for the Wildcats until the university makes changes that address racism on its campus.

The letter demands that K-State administrators create a policy that will expel any student who openly displays racism on any platform, such as social media or at school or athletic events.

Spare me the First Amendment and freedom of speech argument. McNeil has earned an expulsion.

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