Collegiate sports for the benefit of the student-athlete and collegiate sports for the lust for money: The divide has never been clearer

Two headlines on Friday told a far deeper story than the mere words that were written.

One story reported that Morehouse College was canceling its two fall sports — football and cross country — because of continued fears of coronavirus.

The New York Times, which posted that story, quoted a Morehouse official saying,

“Good management says any uncertainty you can take out of the equation you should take out. One element where we could create certainty is what are we going to do with athletics.”

That official? The college’s president.

Meanwhile, another story reported that the number of coronavirus cases among Clemson University football players stands at at least 37.

The Associated Press posted that story. In it, and in five others I looked at, not one Clemson University official is quoted.

Not the president.

Not the athletic director.

Not the football coach.

Nowhere is there any indication the university is reconsidering its commitment to play football this fall because of the coronavirus cases.

Nowhere is there any indication the university is open to discussing with the other ACC institutions the value of competing in any sports right now.

Nowhere is there any indication the university is preparing to practice “good management.”

What those two headlines screamed loudly if you took the time to pay attention is that Morehouse College officials have put health and safety ahead of any monetary implications that come from canceling an entire sports season. And Clemson officials are, at least for now, doing the exact opposite.

Go Morehouse!

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