UMASS-Lowell eliminates 100 staff spots, but…

…as WBUR reports, the institution is hoping to bring back some of those workers later this year.

The staff members laid off Friday come from most parts of the university: finance, athletics, special events, and fundraising. The university said it will review their status in the fall, and they will their retain health insurance and other benefits between now and then.

Massachusetts’ public universities have suffered because of the economic fallout from coronavirus. Adjunct faculty at UMass-Boston were informed of likely widespread layoffs last month. The school also has cancelled all fall sports.

The UMass President has said his institution is in “survival mode.”

School districts throughout the state also are laying off teachers and staff.

Massachusetts remains high on the list of positive coronavirus cases and deaths from the virus.


  1. Students who enter into higher education on full athletic scholarships ; do you think they will still enroll and work towards a bachelor degree? What arena (no pun intended) will work with these students to fill a growing need of occupational/educational needs if sports continue to be cancelled? You know I value your opinion, and puns 🙂

    1. My concern — and I love sports as you know — is that sports has overtaken academics at too many colleges and universities. As a result, the notion of the student-athlete really has become the athlete-student. When athletic contests start at 9:00 p.m. or later simply because television demands it, something is wrong. When students don’t graduate after 6 years, something is wrong. When sports right now are seen as an essential part of the campus community, something is wrong.

      1. Sports have become a huge source of revenue for some schools, no doubt! Where will this income stream come from if there is a long term cancellation of sporting events? I’m interested in seeing what transpires , and not only because I have two college athletes in my home. 😉

      2. I’ve advocated for spinning off all athletic departments… let the athletic directors run them like a for-profit entity. They get to use the college’s fields, gyms, etc. for free, but they are otherwise self-sustaining. If nothing else, that would eliminate some of the hypocrisy. It also would mean many sports would be cut; I don’t like that reality, but I dislike the hypocrisy a whole lot more

      3. Interesting! Monies brought in from ticket sales, merchandise, etc could then be applied to an athletes tuition, housing, etc: if I am understanding you correctly…very interesting idea. Lots to consider, no doubt…Title IX, compliance, eligibility, etc. Good thoughts!

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