Hate will always be with us

UPDATE: A friend from Saudi Arabia noted that I limited the original post (below) to just politics and thus omitted, and therefore failed to acknowledge, the hate that is directed at people solely because of their religion. He’s spot on. The corrosive hatred of Muslims and Jews emanating from the top of the federal government and working its way down to the populace also is a blight on America. And we who won’t tolerate hatred need to be as resolute in stamping out religious bigotry as we would racial bigotry.

ORIGINAL POST: Hate will always be with us, but it will shrink year after year, decade after decade.

Bigotry will always be with us, but it will shrink year after year, decade after decade.

Racism will always be with us, but it will shrink year after year, decade after decade.

If forward-thinking and open-minded Americans want it to be so.

The election of Barack Obama unleashed the racism millions of Americans had kept under wraps. Afraid that a Black man would destroy “my” country, hate-filled, bigot-filled and race-filled Whites abandoned the pretense that the Republican Party was about fiscal responsibility, a strong national defense and social conservatism.

Many Republicans who couldn’t embrace that hate, bigotry and racism were booted from the party; they were suddenly too “liberal” for “real” Republicans. Now, let me be clear, I’m NOT saying every Republican is a bad apple; however, I am saying the principles that guided the GOP are on life support. Four more years of you-know-who would mean the death of traditional Republicanism.

Returning to 2016, the spiteful (and still growing) wing of the GOP validated they had become the mainstream of the party; they wanted a demagogue, a hate monger, a false prophet. Of course, they found him.

They are emboldened now, confident that America will be made great again and that societal advances of the past generation will be rolled up and tossed in the garbage. Look at some of the crockpots who run for office under the Republican banner and you see sycophants of the dotard. But this march of the losers will not end in victory.

America’s future will continue the embrace of multiculturalism. America’s future will continue the embrace of Black Lives Matter. America’s future will continue the embrace of a more critical evaluation of our past.

That’s if we — the majority who do not allow hate, bigot and race to guide our everyday lives — remain active in the political and social arena. We must vote for reasonable political figures. We must demand corporations remain committed to social equality. We must call out racism when we see it. We must talk the talk and walk the walk when it comes to celebrating diversity.

I’m confident we will.

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