How low will we go? As low as you want it to go.

How low will we go?

It seems that at least once a week, pockets of America wonder if the country can’t possibly get any worse. Of course, then it does. At least for them, it does.

Listen to people on the religious right, and you’ll be convinced they’ve found new and absolutely true evidence that homosexuals and their allies will stop at nothing to shove their depraved lifestyle on the majority.

Listen to the capitalists, and you’ll believe without a doubt any attempt to raise taxes is opening the door to socialism (or worse COMMUNISM!) and there’s new and irrefutable evidence that the lazy sods on the left want more money for doing nothing.

Listen to the liberals, and you’ll come away with absolute confidence there’s powerful new evidence that the right is racist and determined to keep the poor, the immigrants and the Muslims down, in jails or out of the country.

This new “evidence” that makes us clutch our pearls — or more likely post something on social media warning us that hell, fire and brimstone is going to cascade down on all of us — too often is made up. Whether the culprit exists at home or in a foreign land (and, no, don’t insert Russia here), he or she takes a few words out of context here, tweaks a video or two there, effectively uses memes that we can quickly like and share…and…presto ALL HELL IS ABOUT TO BREAK LOOSE!

One person falls for it, and there go the dominoes.

One police officer does A (and we have the video to prove it!)…and it’s time to put every cop on trial.

One Muslim does B (because, you know, only Muslims do that)…and it’s time to ban all of them from entering the country.

One gay man does C (just look at the pictures!)…and, by God, all of them must be stoned.

One immigrant does D (wow, that [conveniently darkened] mug shot makes him look dangerous!)…and, oh hell yes, it’s time to seal the borders.

One rich white man says E (that bastard!)…and he must be hounded until he’s forced to apologize for…something.

Forget for a moment that the cop, the Muslim, the gay man, the immigrant and the white guy didn’t do what they’re accused of, the more important thing to remember is that MY GOD I HAVE TO SHOW MY ANGER! If we let “those” people win, America as we know it is toast.

Did we reach a new low in presidential non-ethics today when the dotard retweeted a ludicrous conspiracy theory fronted by the equally ludicrously named One America NEWS Network suggesting a 75-year-old man pushed to the ground by a Buffalo cop might be associated with Antifa?

The left will have us believe that. But, my friends, it’s only June. The election is still 150ish days away.

Come tomorrow, I anticipate the right will flare up in outrage over something, and all of us will be reminded of just how awful those leftists are.

A simple message to all of you: Shut up.

Think about what you are reading or watching. Consider what the source, especially if it’s an unethical one, is attempting to tell you. Hold fire on that ever-so-tempting tweet/retweet or Facebook post/share.

Don’t be so gullible.

And quit looking up as if you expect to see the sword of Damocles about to come crashing down on all of us.

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