The tragedy of Trump

The circus can fold up the tent. The show is over. The fraud has been fully exposed.

The folly of Donald Trump Over the past 72 hours is not whether the president and his family might have been rushed to a bunker as angry protesters raged outside the White House gates. The folly is he’s not offered an address to the country to ask for calm and to assure everyone that necessary change is on the way. 

The man who boasted he knew the best words isn’t speaking at all.

Mr. President, the country needs leadership and reassurance; and you are silent.

Consider what George Bush did on Sept. 11, 2001. After intricate security precautions were used to get him from Florida back to Washington, he delivered a short speech to the country that evening.

Consider what Ronald Reagan did on Jan. 28, 1986. The space shuttle Challenger exploded, and hours later the president assured us the astronauts, one of whom was a teacher, didn’t die in vain.

Consider the numerous times Barack Obama spoke to us about the senseless slaughter of American citizens, some of whom were mere children. He reminded us that life was never more precious than when it was taken away too soon.

American history tells us that when the country is in despair, the president speaks to us. Donald Trump hasn’t.

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