I am not outraged

I am not outraged by the…

  1. Actions of a police officer in Minneapolis
  2. Rhetoric of the president
  3. Economic disparity
  4. Islamophobia
  5. Fears “those” people have of losing or not having health care
  6. Unhealthy living conditions “those” people are in
  7. Educational inequity
  8. White women calling the police because black men are “threatening” them
  9. Pandering to religion by politicians who lack any morals
  10. Disdain displayed toward people not like me

You see, I

  1. Live in a safe suburb
  2. Reside in a comfortable home (paid for solely by the hard work of my spouse/partner and me)
  3. Take an annual summer vacation (because I need a break from all that stress in the world)
  4. Think people are free to believe or not believe in God
  5. Am surrounded by so many people who agree with me
  6. Give money to a couple charities (see, I’m a good person)
  7. Tip my server at least 15%
  8. Refuse to complain about the hard knocks that come my way
  9. Agree with Ronald (Reggie? Rodney?) King; we must all like each other
  10. Wouldn’t dare joke about “First World” problems (but, come to think of it, my God, my community pool must open now!)

Clearly I am not that “r”-word

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