One longtime Ohio U faculty member shares her dismissal from the institution

Patty Stokes shared the following information with me and allowed me to post it to my blog.

WGSS is the university’s Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies department.

TT, for those reading this who are unfamiliar with higher education, means tenure-track.

Two of us are in WGSS – we do more than half the teaching in the program. We’re both full-time, non-tenure track. I served as an adjunct from Winter 2002 until I got a full-time job in 2008.

One colleague is TT in African-American Studies.

I also just learned that an instructor of fiction writing has been terminated. She had visiting status and I’d be surprised if she’ll get a terminal year.

There’s lots more carnage ahead. I only know because my director shared the news. She had been told not to. I’m sure the administration wants us to get our grades in. Also, I’m sure they hoped that students wouldn’t notice as much once the semester was fully over.

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