This May 1 is unlike any other in recent memory

May 1 is symbolic for workers and for college students.

For workers, May 1 is International Workers’ Day, a national holiday in many countries around the world.

It’s common for protests advocating for increases in pay and other improvements for workers to take place today. However, this year is different. Of course, the coronavirus pandemic is to blame. As the New York Times reports,

But in a world still largely under a pandemic lockdown, the annual demonstrations have had to be reimagined or, in some cases, halted altogether. At a time when workers of the world are bearing the brunt of the economic fallout of the widespread restrictions, some saw it as more important than ever to show their solidarity.

Watching Americans protest about stay-at-home orders while claiming their freedoms are being trampled upon is quite the contrast. Let’s leave it at that.

May 1 also is the unofficial Decision Day for high school seniors to lock in the college of their choice. This year? You guessed it: not happening. Inside Higher Ed notes,

More than 400 colleges have extended the deadline for admitted students to submit deposits to June 1 or later to give students and families more time to make their decision amid the uncertainty — financial and otherwise — caused by the coronavirus pandemic. In an Inside Higher Ed survey of college presidents, 39 percent said they had delayed admission deadlines in response to the pandemic.

A day that symbolizes current and future generations announcing their hopes for a better tomorrow is stifled because of a deadly pandemic. But optimism won’t be silenced.

A tip o’ the hat to workers and college students. Today and every day.

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