City Journal tears into higher education; tired arguments rehashed to score political points

If you believe higher education intentionally promotes diversity over knowledge, I have a screed you need to read.

If you believe higher education wantonly seeks reputation protection over freedom of thought, I have a screed you need to read.

If you believe higher education selfishly demands administrative bloat over student development, I have a screed you need to read.

On the other hand, if you believe higher education, however imperfect it is, exists to improve the lives of the students it is entrusted with teaching, then you likely won’t want to peruse this piece from City Journal.

Here’s just one example of the vitriol it disseminates:

The higher-education establishment is complaining about its $14.5 billion coronavirus bailout package. That taxpayer subsidy is “woefully inadequate,” the president of the American Council on Education said in a written statement; $50 billion was the bare minimum needed to keep the sector afloat, according to ACE and other college associations. The diversocrat hustle is a primary reason why colleges don’t deserve another dime from taxpayers. Another is the lack of evidence that the majority of students learn anything in college, besides a belief in their own victimhood.

Odd, but I thought a college degree was worth at least $2.8-million over a lifetime. Doesn’t seem to be victimhood associated with that.

In addition, these young adults subjected to nothing but victimhood are

more likely to engage in voluntary and charity work,

more likely to vote,

more likely to get and stay married,

and less likely to smoke, among other important societal markers.

But, yes, please continue the argument that the administratively bloated university sees as most important the preservation of its bloat. And, please continue to insist that we ought not admit students who might not succeed because, well you know, giving someone a chance is clearly out of line with American values. And, finally, please continue trying to insist that lefty faculty will stop at nothing to turn their students into liberal robots who will soon seek little more than the creation of some socialist utopia.

Oh, and the author of that City Journal screed holds degrees from Yale, Cambridge and Stanford. It would appear higher education was quite valuable to her.


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