A young man with a good attitude

The following conversation took place today at a local supermarket. The young man mentioned here is perhaps 22 years old, and I had not met him before today.

Me: “Things settling down for you?”

Him: “Few days ago it was crazy. Now it’s just normal busy.”

Me: “Good. If we all stay calm and don’t panic, we’ll be fine.”

Him: “Yeah. Panic is when you play basketball as a 5-9 guy and the guy across from you is 6-5.”

Me: “Looks like you and I could both be 5-9 guys.”

Him: “My whole team in high school was like that. We played one school that had a bunch of 6-5 guys. They must have been recruited because they were all so damn good. One guy I was guarding put up 35 (points) and 12 (rebounds) on me, and I was trying to guard him. I came up to like his chest!”

Me: “Your team must have gotten killed.”

Him: “They wiped the floor on us. So, this here…nah, no panic.”

That, my friends, is a good attitude!

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