Sensible Americans are about to embark on a two-week journey

Sensible Americans are about to embark on a two-week journey, one that will involve going nowhere.

Smart people will heed the advice of the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and several states’ governors by eliminating almost everything that makes up their typical daily routine.

And they’ll do so for roughly 14 days. More days might be necessary.

These smart people will ignore the doofus who sits in the White House and who is interested only in how the stock market is doing in relation to coronavirus. They also will laugh at the conspiracy theorists who are screaming loudly that the government is using coronavirus as an excuse to roll out the National Guard and the military and to take over our lives.

We are taking part in a social experiment that modern America has never seen.

No one is quite sure how this go-nowhere-and-stay-home approach will work. With K-12 schools closed, all professional and collegiate sports events postponed (or canceled), and theaters closed; and with some governors shutting down restaurants and other popular gathering places, there are few places to go.

Yes, America has been living in a dystopian world since Jan. 20, 2017, but at least we could enjoy multiple out-of-the-house opportunities. We need to curtail those because the CDC and state health departments are reminding us to avoid crowds.

You want to go out for a walk? Do it.

You want to go to the health club? Stay home.

You want to enjoy your daily jog? Keep enjoying that.

You want to attend your yoga class? Don’t go.

If we do the right thing, there’s a chance we will slow down the spread of coronavirus. We might not kill it, so to speak, but we will ensure that America, a land of roughly 330-million people, avoids become China and Italy, the former which needed weeks to rein in coronavirus and the latter now trying to figure out how.

What a strange time.

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