Bloomberg for President

Mike Bloomberg remains the best candidate the Democrats have in the 2020 presidential race.

He might not end up with the nomination, largely because of how he’s chosen to run his campaign, but he should be the Democratic Party candidate in 2020.

Bloomberg has his flaws; but no one reaches the level of wealth and importance he has without saying or doing things that are controversial or perhaps out of touch with modern norms.

However, when compared to the crop of current Democrats, he stands out as the best.


-Bernie Sanders is a socialist; mind you, nothing wrong with being a socialist, but that ideology risks turning off enough independent voters who could opt for the current president. In addition, fears that Sanders’ age and previous heart ailments could undermine his presidency cannot be ignored. For now, he’s the front runner, but the Democrats would be wise to pick someone else.

-Pete Buttigieg could be the future face of the Democrats. However, he’s got a thin political resume (yes, I know, Donald Trump had none), and more importantly he hasn’t found a way to connect with African-American voters. In addition, once the fresh face and intriguing personal story are stripped away, whether Butttigieg is really ready for prime time cannot be dismissed.

-Joe Biden has run a dreadful campaign. In fact, an argument could be made that without that last name, Biden would already be out of the race. How such promise turned into so little will be detailed by political scientists in the coming years, but for now the following statement is clear: Biden could be the first of the major candidates out of the race, and his boring campaign would be the reason.

-Elizabeth Warren is the wrong gender. Forgive me if that sounds sexist, but enough American voters made a clear statement in 2016 about whether they wanted the highest office in the land entrusted to a woman. She’s closer to Sanders than any of the major Democratic candidates in terms of policy, another potential turn off. She, too, could be out in mere weeks.

-Amy Klobuchar might be the most electable of this quintet. But she remains stuck behind the four names mentioned above and, here we go again, she has that gender issue. Stories about how she treated her staff have not been recycled, largely because her candidacy seems stuck in neutral. But if she hangs on longer than Biden and Warren, an airing of grievances will do her no good.

As for the other Democratic candidates, please leave. Some of you have had flashes of success, and others of you seem hapless and almost cruel. Leave with some dignity and announce which of the Big 4 (5?) you support.

And that brings us back to Bloomberg: a tough, sophisticated, smart and level-headed New Yorker. In other words, he is the opposite of the current New Yorker (who now claims Florida as his home state) living in the White House.

There is no question Bloomberg, overall, endorses moderate positions, and that means the angry left — once Sanders doesn’t get the nomination — need to get in line and support the man who should be the next president of the United States.

Bloomberg for President.

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