A poem about Ukraine and a map

I found Ukraine on a map

It wasn’t that hard to spot

But perhaps it is for Pompeo

And his entire lot

The country that meddled in our election?

I hardly think that is true

I think highly of those people

Under a flag of yellow and blue

I wonder if it would be wise

To look north and east

There you might just find

The meddling and provocative beast

Of course America knows

A thing or two, it seems

When it comes to altering

Another nation’s political dreams

But any ripping of Russia

Or Ukraine, (wink, wink) too

Must be viewed through the history

Of the CIA’s tightening screw

But back to the map for now

I found Ukraine AGAIN

To help Trump and friends,

I circled it, using a kind-of Sharpie pen

I don’t know if my words

Will cause lasting harm

For if I am lucky one day

I will experience Kyiv’s charm

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