The wave

The wave starts to roll in.

It’s a monster, one that won’t be ignored.

He must get up.

The wave’s power, like turbulence from up above, makes him unsteady. Later, maybe, he will talk about fear.

Not now.

He stands.

The battle is on.

He can feel the wave’s anger; it’s determined to knock him down.

He rides it. Its strength keeps tearing at him. Its ferocity seemingly unending.

People stare from afar and wonder if he will hold on. Mere sport, no more.

The wave crashes down; its message felt by many.

Amid the chaos, there is silence.

Then he appears. Slowly, he makes it to the safety of the shore.

People smile. One rushes to him, offering something significant.

He won’t soon forget that ride. But he knows there will be another.

He turns and looks out on the horizon, wondering when it will come.

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